Felton eaddy
Poems Children Love to Sing Eaddy reads and recites his own poems, and those of noted poets Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Eve Merriam, and others. Joyfully engaging students, Eaddy discusses style, imagery, and point-of-view. Younger children sing or recite along with artist as he accents voice with kalimba, mbira, whistle or rain stick. Grade Levels: K-5 *Adult and community programs available Poetry of Life Eaddy creates live shows featuring literary works selected for diverse audiences of all ages, nationalities and abilities, often stimulating reluctant writers. Whether they’ve heard a good poem before or not, they’ll be moved by the rhythm of the words—songs included. All Ages & Abilities *Musicians available upon request.
 Workshops & Residencies Creative Writing: a stepping stone to writing more effective detail. Using a variety of approaches, Eaddy motivates students to express their wishes, dreams, and fantasies in poems and stories. Students write descriptive riddles (using similes and metaphors), free-verse poems, imaginative stories about their lives, and more . Grade Levels: K-12 Folk Tales & Plays: Participants learn moral values, non-violent actions, and group decision-making through play writing. They create dialog and live action depicting family or neighborhood conflicts. Audience participates as co-writers and performers to resolve sensitive issues peacefully. Many shift from creative dramatics to writing with ease. Grade Levels: 6-12 Slam Poetry Workshop & Slam Event! Students are introduced to “slam” poetry through discussions, recordings, readings and writing their own poems for a “slam” competition among teams. Students learn to listen critically, write quickly, perform for peers, and receive immediate feedback. Grade Levels: 9-12 The Personal Narrative Impulse: Felton tells and analyzes a story with students, introducing them to theme,point-of-view, conflict and action. Students will write descriptive, suspense stories about lessons learned from personal experiences. Grade Levels: 4 - 8 All programs adaptable for varied audiences and venues.